Kickboxing For Adults

Here at Adrenaline Martial Arts we have a martial arts programme for any adult who is looking for a great workout in a fun, friendly and safe environment!

Our Kickboxing programme is suitable for complete beginners and experienced students alike!

Due to the way we structure the classes it doesn’t matter if you’ve never thrown a kick or a punch before or if you’re an experienced martial artist, we all train together and the higher grades will often be found taking the time to help our new members out and pointing them in the right direction. This also really helps new members feel valued and part of the Adrenaline team!

The style we teach in our adult classes is Semi-Contact Kickboxing. This is a fast moving, explosive style of martial arts that utilises a range of movements for sparring but all techniques are thrown under control with the aim to score points on your opponent rather than trying to knock them down.

We’ve found that the majority of adults who join our school are looking for a great workout whilst learning some valuable self-defence skills but without wanting to get injured every class so our semi-contact training can be a perfect fit for them.

Every class is different of course as we try to constantly challenge our students but at most classes you will find that we structure the session to make sure that we cover a good warm up using functional fitness drills, technique training ensuring that our members are constantly improving, padwork and bagwork giving the opportunity to hit something hard which is great for stress relief, practical self-defence training and semi-contact sparring when you reach the level where we feel you are ready to take part.

The time is NOW to get in the best shape of your life and love doing it!

If this sounds like this is something for you then hit the button below to reserve a space on our four week Adrenaline Adult Kickboxing introductory course, discounted to just £40 which includes your first four weeks of classes and a free uniform!

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